Photography & Videography

The foundation of great viral design elements are beautiful photos and videos that capture the story perfectly. We ensure to start off the right way with our photographer that has experience working with national nonprofits such as the Human Rights Campaign and worked with members of Congress. 

Our photos have been used for mailers, websites, commercials, digtial ads, etc.

webcam video branding - zoom, fb live, etc.

We take your branding, contact info, CTAs, and transform your webcam overlay to create an audience experience that is memorable and sure to make you stand out among the digital crowd.

Our software is compatible with most major video conference calling platforms.

Graphic Design, Social Media Management, and Paid ads

For each platform, for each generation, for each demographic there’s a right way to engage and persuade. Either through organic engagement, or through paid media ads, we’ll get the right messaging in front of your target audience.

virtual conference technical operations

The pandemic showed us that our conferences do not have to be confined to the walls of a hotel. Taking your conference virtual expands the reach of the knowledge that you have to offer the world. Let’s capture every workshop and help you monetize them beyond conference day. 

Our production team is ready to make your host and keynote session look like a Hollywood awards show. Let’s give your brand a lasting impression with a state of the art viewer experience!

Workshops: social advertising - the power of social media

We’re in a new digital paradigm… there’s a new way to create engaging content that converts. Don’t let your team fall behind. We break down the neuroscience of viral design and showcase free resources and programs to use! 

Social advertising is a strategy that makes use of social proof – the observation that people adapt their behavior based on what others (their friends, in this case) are doing. Social advertising is a powerful way to leverage hypersocialization to influence people to behave in a certain way, such as donating, sharing, etc. 

Podcast & Streaming Setup

Whether you’re starting a podcast, hosting a webinar, or want to command the attention in your next zoom call… we’ll make sure you have the best hardware and software for your budget. 

We take away the stress of researching what equipment and how to set it all up.  We’ll either walk you through it, or send someone directly to you.  Let’s start living life in 4k.

Political influencer Marketing coaching

Attention is the new economy and there are 100+ other campaigns bidding for attention real estate opportunities. We will make sure that your campaign stands out by working with the candidate to embrace becoming a political influencer to showcase their personality. Your candidate is the star of the show, and we’re offering the best all-in-one director and production crew to capture the moments that will make users feel they have a front seat.

WEBsite DESIGN & Hosting

Your website may be your only chance to hook your audience into action. Let’s make it beautiful and easy to navigate for the user to find exactly what they’re looking for. We strategically funnel traffic on your website to convert exactly where you want them to. Your website tells your story, let’s make sure the audience gets the message.

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